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Storm Damage Claim Lawyer

Louisiana Property Damage Lawyer
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New Orleans  and South Louisiana weather can be downright brutal. Storms can unleash fury, damaging your property and leaving you scrambling to pick up the pieces. You have insurance for a reason, but navigating the claims process after a storm can be overwhelming. We've seen it all, from roof damage caused by high winds to flooding from heavy rain. Insurance companies might use complex policy wording or attempt to downplay the extent of the damage to minimize payouts.Our team understands the tactics insurance companies use and will fight for the fair compensation you deserve to rebuild your property. Don't settle for less. Contact Moisant Law Firm today for a free consultation and let us be your advocate.

Insurance Companies: Not Always on Your Side


While insurance is meant to protect you financially, companies often try to minimize their payouts after storms. Here's how they might try to take advantage:

  • Lowball Offers: They might present a settlement amount that's far less than what it takes to repair or replace your damaged property. This is especially common with roof damage, where hidden structural issues might exist beneath the surface problems.

  • Delays and Denials: They might drag out the claims process, hoping you'll get discouraged and give up. They might even deny your claim altogether based on technicalities in your policy.


Tornadoes are the most destructive storms, causing catastrophic damage. Even if your insurance company tries to deny coverage because of a "tornado exclusion" clause, a Louisiana Property Damage Lawyer can help you fight back. These clauses are often unfair and unenforceable.

Water Damage

Storms can unleash a double whammy: wind damage and water damage. Heavy rains and flooding can cause water to intrude through roofs, windows, and even foundations. Water damage can be especially insidious, as it can soak into walls, floors, and even crawlspaces, leading to hidden mold growth and structural issues that may not be immediately apparent.


Thunderstorms are a familiar sight in many areas, but they also bring the risk of lightning damage to your property. 

A significant risk from lightning strikes is power surges. These surges travel through your home's electrical wiring, potentially frying electronics like TVs, computers, and appliances. While most insurance policies cover some level of surge damage, there can be situations where your standard policy might not be enough. The challenge with surge damage is that it's not always readily apparent. Electronics might not show any immediate signs of damage, and you might only discover the issue when you try to use them later. This is where an attorney experienced in lightning damage claims can be a valuable asset. They can help you understand your insurance coverage, navigate the claims process, and ensure you receive fair compensation for any hidden damage caused by a power surge.

Heavy Winds

Heavy winds, a common threat during storms and even outside of major weather events, can cause serious damage to your property. From ripping off shingles and tearing away roofs, exposing your home to water damage, to toppling trees and debris that can cause significant damage, strong winds pose a multi-faceted threat. Don't underestimate the hidden dangers either, as strong winds can exert significant upward pressure on your roof, potentially leading to structural issues that may not be immediately apparent.


Document, Document, Document!

The key to a successful claim is strong evidence. Here's what you can do to build your case:

  • Take Pictures and Videos: Capture the damage thoroughly, both immediately after the storm and throughout the repair process. Include close-up shots of specific damage and wide shots to show the overall destruction.

  • Save Receipts: Keep all receipts related to repairs and temporary housing.

  • Contact History: Maintain a record of all communication with your insurance company, including emails, phone logs, and adjuster reports.

Yearly Photos: An Ounce of Prevention

Taking pictures of your property in good condition each year, particularly before hurricane season, provides a valuable baseline. These photos can help prove the pre-storm condition and make it harder for the insurance company to dispute the extent of the damage.

Why You Need a Louisiana Property Damage Lawyer:

A skilled Louisiana Property Damage Lawyer can:

  • Level the Playing Field: They understand complex insurance policies and will fight for the maximum compensation you're entitled to.

  • Handle the Hassle: They'll deal with insurance adjusters on your behalf, saving you time and frustration.

  • Challenge Denials and Lowball Offers: They have the knowledge and experience to challenge unfair denials and negotiate a fair settlement.

Contact Us!

Moisant Law Firm understands the stress of storm damage. We'll work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to rebuild your life. Contact us today for a free consultation (225-803-0596). We serve Louisiana, including

  • St. Charles Parish

  • St. John the Baptist Parish

  • Jefferson Parish

  • Orleans Parish (New Orleans)

  • Terrebonne Parish

  • St. Bernard Parish

  • St. James Parish

  • Livingston Parish

  • Tangipahoa Parish

  • Assumption Parish

  • Ascension Parish

  • East Baton Rouge Parish

  • Plaquemines Parish

  • St. Helena Parish

  • East Feliciana Parish

  • West Baton Rouge Parish

  • Iberville Parish

  • West Feliciana Parish

  • Pointe Coupee Parish

  • St. Mary Parish


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