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How to Avoid Getting Arrested at Mardi Gras for Public Intoxication

New Orleans Mardi Gras Arrest
New Orleans Mardi Gras

As New Orleans gears up for its annual extravaganza of parades, parties, and beads, lets discuss something crucial – public intoxication charges. Before you get carried away in a whirlwind of Hurricanes (and I'm talking about the drink, not the weather), it's important to have this chat. Here at Moisant Law Firm, your trusted Metairie criminal lawyer, we're dedicated to ensuring your Mardi Gras memories are brimming with joy and free from legal troubles. Trust me, a night in a jail cell is definitely not the memento you want to take home from the Big Easy. If you are a tourist and you find yourself arrested at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. You will want to contact a criminal lawyer immediately.

How to Avoid Getting Arrested at Mardi Gras


  1. Know Your Limits: New Orleans is a city of indulgence, but moderation is your best friend.

  2. Stay in the Crowd: Mardi Gras is a communal affair. Stick with your group for safety and accountability.

  3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Keep up with water breaks to counter New Orleans' warmth and the effects of alcohol.

  4. Public vs. Private: What flies on Bourbon Street might not elsewhere. Keep the wild partying to appropriate venues.

Actions That Could Lead to Public Intoxication Charges

Avoid these behaviors to steer clear of trouble:

  • Disorderly Conduct: Fighting, excessive noise, or causing a scene.

  • Endangering Yourself or Others: Risky behaviors like stumbling into traffic.

  • Disturbing the Peace: Lewd acts, public urination, etc.

Arrested at Mardi Gras? Here's Your Game Plan

If you find yourself facing a public intoxication charge, here's what to do:

  1. Be Polite and Cooperative: Stay calm and respectful with law enforcement.

  2. Know Your Rights: You have the right to remain silent and to an attorney. Use them.

  3. Contact Moisant Law Firm: We specialize in helping out-of-towners navigate Louisiana's legal system.

  4. Document Everything: Record your recollections of the arrest and any interactions with law enforcement.

Understanding the Penalties in Louisiana

In Louisiana, public intoxication is not a state crime, but local ordinances in places like New Orleans can enforce their own rules. Penalties can vary but often include:

  • Fines: These can range depending on the municipality.

  • Community Service: You might be required to serve the community for a set number of hours.

  • Jail Time: In more severe cases, especially if your actions endangered others or involved property damage, you could face jail time.

  • Record Implications: While not always the case, these charges can sometimes impact your record, affecting future employment or travel.

Why Choose Moisant Law Firm?

At Moisant Law Firm, we understand that Mardi Gras can lead to some unexpected excesses. We're here to provide expert legal assistance, aiming for the best possible outcome for your case. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an experience like no other, but it's crucial to celebrate responsibly. If you find yourself in a legal bind, remember Moisant Law Firm is just a call away. We're your Metairie criminal lawyer allies, ready to help you navigate the legal aftermath of a Mardi Gras mishap. Let's keep the good times rolling, responsibly!

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