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Has a past arrest or conviction been holding you back? In Louisiana, even dismissed arrests can linger on your record, creating limitations in employment, housing, and education. At Moisant Law, our experienced Metairie and New Orleans expungement attorneys can help.

Expungement is a legal process that allows you to petition the court to remove your arrest record, along with associated details like fingerprints and arrest photos, from public access. While the record isn't physically destroyed, it becomes confidential, meaning it's no longer readily available to employers, landlords, or background check companies. This can be life-changing, allowing you to move forward with a clean slate.

Benefits of an Expungement 
  • Employment: Many employers conduct background checks. An expungement can prevent a past mistake from hindering your ability to secure a job.

  • Housing: Landlords may also review background checks. An expungement can increase your chances of finding suitable housing.

  • Credit and Financial Opportunities: Some financial institutions consider criminal records when evaluating loan applications. Expungement can improve your chances of obtaining loans, credit, and better interest rates.​

  • Educational Opportunities : Some educational programs consider criminal history. An expungement can help you achieve your academic aspirations.

  • Professional Licensing: Many professional licenses require a clean record. An expungement can make you eligible for licenses in fields such as healthcare, law, and real estate.

  • Gain peace of mind: An expungement allows you to move forward with a clean slate, free from the burden of a past offenses.

Who May Be Eligible for Expungement in Louisiana?

Expungement eligibility varies depending on the nature of your arrest or conviction. Generally, you may be eligible for expungement if:

  • Your charges were dismissed.

  • You were acquitted at trial.

  • You successfully completed probation without further incidents.

  • A certain period has elapsed since the arrest or conviction (waiting periods vary by offense).

  • You have no pending criminal charges.

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Don't let a past mistake define your future. Contact Moisant Law today for a free consultation to discuss your expungement options. Our Metairie and New Orleans criminal defense attorneys are committed to helping you clear your record and move forward with your life.

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