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New Orleans Criminal Case Information

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How Do I Find Out More Information about my New Orleans Criminal Case?

Have you or someone you know been arrested in New Orleans and facing a pending court case in the New Orleans Criminal District Court? Moisant Law Firm is here to help. This page provides resources to answer your questions and guide you through the legal process. We want you to have all the information you need and not be left in the dark. , While our focus is on Orleans Parish, we understand that legal troubles can cross parish lines.  If you've been arrested in a surrounding parish and need help finding resources for your specific court, contact Moisant Law Firm for a free consultation at (504) 317-1685  or fill out our contact form online. 

How Do I Find Someone In Jail?

  Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office Inmate Master Search

You will need the person's full name to access the information. 

How to Find Information About Your Pending Court Case

New Orleans Criminal Case Finder

Utilize the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court's Docket Master Search to look up your upcoming court dates and information on your pending court case. 

Understanding Louisiana Law

Louisiana Title 14

 Access the Louisiana State Code for information on specific criminal statutes. | Online Library

This provides information about municipal ordinances for the City of New Orleans.

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