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Metairie and New Orleans Theft Defense Lawyer

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A theft accusation in New Orleans or Metairie can be incredibly stressful. These charges can range from petty theft to grand larceny, each with varying degrees of severity and potential penalties. Moisant Law Firm is here to protect your rights. Our experienced theft defense attorney will work tirelessly to investigate your case, explore all legal options, and fight for the best possible outcome. Our founding attorney, Samantha Moisant, is a former prosecutor at the New Orleans District Attorney's office, giving her unique insight into how the prosecution builds their cases. 

What are the Different Theft Charges in Louisiana?

Louisiana law classifies theft based on the value of the stolen property. Here's a breakdown of some common theft charges:

  • Simple Theft (Petty Theft): Stealing property valued at less than $750. This is typically a misdemeanor offense with potential penalties of up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

  • Misdemeanor Theft: Stealing property valued between $750 and $5,000. This is a misdemeanor offense with potential penalties of up to 1 year in jail and a fine of up to $3,000.

  • Felony Theft: Stealing property valued at $5,000 or more. This is a felony offense with potential penalties ranging from imprisonment with hard labor for 2-10 years and a fine of up to $10,000, depending on the specific value of the stolen property.

Additional Theft Crimes in Louisiana

  • Shoplifting: Stealing merchandise from a retail store. Penalties can vary depending on the value of the stolen goods. In addition to potential criminal charges, someone accused of shoplifting may also face civil liability for the stolen merchandise's value, along with a separate fine ranging from $50 to $500.

  • Employee Theft: Embezzlement or theft by an employee from their employer.

  • Auto Theft: Stealing a vehicle. Penalties can range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the circumstances.

  • Robbery Theft: involving force or the threat of force. This is a serious felony offense in Louisiana.

  • Burglary: Entering a building or structure illegally with the intent to commit a crime inside, most commonly theft.

  • Armed Robbery: Robbery involving a weapon. This is a more serious felony offense than robbery.

  • Writing Bad Checks: Issuing a check knowing there are insufficient funds to cover it. This can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of the check.

  • Carjacking: Taking a motor vehicle from a person by force or intimidation. This is a serious felony offense in Louisiana.

White-Collar Crimes

Moisant Law Firm also defends clients facing white-collar crimes, which are non-violent offenses typically involving fraud, embezzlement, or financial misconduct. These can include:

  • Forgery: Creating or altering a document with the intent to deceive.

  • Money Laundering: Hiding or disguising the source of illegally obtained money.

  • Securities Fraud: Deception in the buying or selling of securities.

  • Identity Theft: Using another person's personal information without their consent.


Possible Enhancements to Theft Charges

Certain factors can elevate a theft charge to a more serious offense, resulting in harsher penalties. These factors include:

  • Prior Theft Convictions: A history of theft convictions can lead to harsher sentences for subsequent offenses.

  • Use of a Weapon: If a weapon was involved during the theft, the charge may be upgraded to a robbery, a more serious felony.

  • Stealing from a Specific Location: Stealing from a specific location, like a church or school, may result in enhanced penalties.

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Being accused of theft can have a significant impact on your life. Don't wait to seek legal representation. Samantha Moisant is an an experienced theft defense attorney and will fight for your rights and explore all legal options to minimize potential penalties.

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