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New Orleans and Metairie Probation Violation Lawyer

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Probation Violations

Probation offers a second chance at freedom after a conviction in Louisiana. Following a guilty verdict or plea agreement, a judge may grant probation instead of jail time. This allows you to continue on with your life , continue working , and stay in your community.  However, this fresh start comes with a set of specific court-ordered rules and regulations that must be followed 

However, understanding  probation's terms and avoiding violations can be challenging. Missing meetings with your probation officer, failing drug tests, or even getting arrested again can all trigger a violation. The consequences can be severe, potentially leading to serving your original jail sentence or facing other harsh penalties.

Possible Penalties for Probation Violation
  • Serving Your Original Sentence: In the most serious cases, a probation violation can result in serving the entirety of your original jail sentence.

  • Increased Probationary Supervision: The court may tighten the restrictions of your probation, requiring more frequent meetings, stricter curfews, or additional programs.

  • Fines and Court Costs: You may be imposed additional fines and court costs as punishment for the violation.


Common Ways People Violate Probation

  • Missing Meetings with Your Probation Officer: Regular meetings are crucial for maintaining contact and demonstrating compliance. Unexcused absences are often considered violations.

  • Failing Drug or Alcohol Tests: Abstaining from drugs and alcohol is a common probation requirement. A positive test result will likely trigger a violation.

  • Committing a New Crime: This is a serious violation and could lead to revocation of probation and serving your original sentence, or even new charges.

  • Violating Travel Restrictions: Some probations limit your travel area. Leaving the designated zone without permission can be a violation.

  • Failing to Pay Court-Ordered Fees or Restitution: Financial obligations are part of some probations. Delinquency can be considered a violation.

  • Not Completing Community Service Hours: Completing assigned community service hours demonstrates responsibility. Failure to do so can lead to a violation


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